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Alpha Leadership Conference 2018 at The Royal Albert Hall

SFL are proud to have once again been part of Alpha Leadership Conference 2018 at The Royal Albert Hall, delivering a complete technical production from concept and design through to reality.

The event was hosted by Nicky Gumbel and Pippa Gumbel, and had some incredible speakers, and great times of worship, led by Sam Bailey, Brooke Ligertwood and Martin Smith. We loved working alongside the awesome HTB Production Team to see the event through from start to finish!

We’re already excited and looking forward to #LC19 next year, but if you’d like to know more about this year’s #LC18 event and what we delivered, read on!

🎸 Audio
Providing the backbone of the system was a dual MIDAS PRO X setup on FOH and Monitors, taking care of 96 input channels and delivering over 60 outputs at Monitors alone. Using KLARK TEKNIK network bridges, broadcast, RF and Recording were all able to take head-amp splits and stems over a Audinate Dante network, alongside a full 72ch 96k recording from our DSPRO AUDIO Etherface. FOH had a redundant Waves AudioMultirack system and outboard effects rack with TC Electronics and Yamaha Commercial Audio Europe FX units.

FOH was the in-house EM Acoustics Halo PA, supplemented by our d&b audiotechnik GmbH V-Subs as a ground and flown system. Monitors included d&b M4s and B6. RF was particularly complex, managing a fully co-ordinated 48 frequency setup consisting of Shure QLXD, UHFR, PSM900, PSM1000 and Sennheiser EW300 over 6 antenna. We also used SB900 rechargeable batteries, with all Rx/Tx/Chargers networked up and controlled on WWB. Mic elements were DPA Microphones headsets/tie mics (with CORE technology) and Shure capsules.

📽️ Video
A complete 6 camera, broadcast-standard solution was implemented including a camera track at FOH and Canon UK lenses on camera channels over Triax and Fibre. Image processing was effortlessly handled by the Barco E2 processor, and then fed into Barco HDXs on projection-duty and our 6mm LED screen above the set, acting as iMag or words from ProPresenter on our Apple MacBook Pros.

We also deployed our UDXs in the Gallery of the Hall, which were projection mapping onto a 21m curved wall backdrop that our set team built. Content was mapped using Green Hippo Media Server racks from FOH.

We supplemented the in-house Royal Albert Hall lighting rig with ROBE lighting Pixel Patts providing atmospheric lighting above the set, Robe Spiiders, as well as Claypaky Scenius Spots. The setup was programmed on dual MA Lighting International GrandMA2s in advance at rehearsals and at SFL on our 70” screen using WYSIWYG, with production creative design by Jamie Baker.

The backbone of the system was carried over our fibre Cisco network switches, delivering redundant Ma-Net control to DMX buffers on stage.

🔨 Set
A fully bespoke design made to fit the curvature of the venue and stage, standing at 21m long and 2.5m tall. It was made up of 9 ready made sections, prepped ready to just walk into the venue and attach together, which meant the get in time was quick and easy. There were 13 custom cut and covered geometric shapes mounted as per the design to match the projection-mapped graphics on the back wall. This also doubled-up as an area for back-stage control such as RF and Dimmers.

🚧 Production
In order to deliver the event, we supplied a complete Riedel Communications Artist & SmartPanels comms system, which integrated into Clear-Com HelixNet belt packs and Motorola digital radio system. The event was backed up by 2 pre-production rehearsal days, and our team put in an incredible effort, tackling 3 artics worth of gear (trucked with R Jameson Event Transport Ltd) and only 6 hours to get everything in overnight the day before, which took 43 crew to achieve!

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📸 – Simea Gut, James Bailey and Leadership Conference