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Meet the team

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The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.

  • Aaron Lynch

    Warehouse Engineer

    Football, Music, Travel
  • Adam Chisnell

    Production Engineer

    Skiing, Mountain Biking, Wife
  • Andrea Robustini

    Production Engineer

    Motorbike, Survival, Travel
  • Andrew Hardiman

    Project Manager

    Family, Fun, Motorsport
  • Andrew Lee

    Warehouse Engineer

    Snowboarding, Badminton, Kayaking
  • Andy Felix

    Sales Engineer

    Pizza, Craft Beers, Lord of the Rings
  • Andy Pinnock

    Production Engineer

    Beth, Luton Town FC, Travelling
  • Ben Reynolds

    Production Engineer

    Cycling, Fireworks, Guitar
  • Callum Olorenshaw

    Production Engineer

    Friends, Coffee, Squash
  • Carl Skeats

    Sales Engineer (Technical)

    Airsoft, Loud Music, Dad
  • Chris Lucas

    Production Engineer

    Board Games, Marvel Comics, IPA
  • Claire Hussey

    Event Logistics Coordinator

    Family, Gardening, DC Comics
  • Claire Jacobs

    Events Manager

    Mummy, Vodka, Laughter
  • Colin Godwin

    Transport Logistics

    Motor GP, Travel, Cycling
  • Craig Lawrence

    Video & Projects Director

    Apple, Coffee, Daddy
  • David Lall

    Scenic Manager

    Classic Cars, The Cure, Single Malt
  • David Scarlett

    Production Engineer

    Guitars, Family, Cycling
  • Dawid Szymanczyk

    Installations Engineer

    Didgeridoo, Food, Skateboarding
  • Dom Boston

    Production Engineer

    Bethany, Kayaking, Drums
  • Evan Shephard

    Warehouse Co-ordinator

    Kayaking, Pizza, Daddy
  • George Veys

    Project Engineer

    Skiing, Sailing, Steaks
  • Graham Preston

    Business Director

    Socialising, Driving, Good Food & Wine
  • Harvey Appleton

    Production Engineer

    Big Bang Theory, Jess, Tea
  • Jack Roberts

    Production Engineer

    Friends, Pepsi, Music
  • Jack Rogers


    Football, Tool Collector, Pizza
  • Jamie Aston

    Production Engineer

    Cricket, Red Wine, Grand Designs
  • Jessica Dolan

    Accounts Administrator

    Reading FC, Zelda (her dog), Prosecco
  • Jim Richards

    Installation Engineer

    Beer, Comedy, Cycling  
  • John Cade

    Production Engineer

    Cooking, Video Games, Family
  • Keegan Curran

    Theatre Projects

    Tall, Massive Family, Music
  • Lisa Harris

    Business Development Manager

    Lily, Scouting, Outdoors
  • Luis Fernandes

    Installations Engineer

    Fishing, Model Aircraft, Robotica
  • Luke Parker

    Warehouse Engineer

    Byrd, Blizzard, Bass
  • Mark Payne

    Sound Engineer

    Sailing, Radio Controlled Cars, Motorsport
  • Mark Young

    Project Manager

    Family, Go-Karting, Camping
  • Martin Baker

    Group Operations

    Harley Davidson's, WaterSports, Travelling
  • Martin Winch

    Installations Engineer

    Guitars, Rugby, CrossFit
  • Matt Edwards

    Project Manager

    Sloths, Board Games, Climbing
  • Matt Flinders

    Business Development Manager

    Food, Fitness, Friends
  • Matt Sales

    Project Manager

    Family, Board Games, Socialising
  • Max Baddeley

    Set Production

    Takeaways, Bikes, Pool
  • Melissa Bannister

    Team Resources Manager

    Chocolate, Cake Decorating, Marvel
  • Mike Sawyer


    Food, Travel and Friends.
  • Mitch Jones

    Events Manager

    Real Ale, Curly Wurly, Banter
  • Nathan Lambert

    Creative & Operations Director

    Coffee, Cooking, Radio 4
  • Nathan Tremeer

    Warehouse Coordinator

    Running, Bible Study, Trance Music
  • Pat Smith

    Project Manager

    Harley-Davidson, Drums, Politics
  • Paul Medley

    Production Engineer

    Coffee, Friends, Toto
  • Pete Harris

    Operations Manager

    Beer, Lily, Haribo
  • Phil Whitaker

    Production Engineer

    Apple, Cycling, Holidays
  • Sam Jacobs

    Project Manager

    Family, Formula 1,  Beer
  • Sam Wheeler

    Production Engineer

    Walking, Travelling, Food
  • Stephen Haime

    Production Engineer

    Coffee, Star Wars, Biffy Clyro
  • Sungho Jeong

    Video Project Manager

    Jazz, Coffee, Formula 1
  • Tim Horton

    Sales & Installations Manager

    Guitars, Coffee, Cooking
  • Tom Ellis

    Production Carpenter

    Search & Rescue, Camping, Rum
  • Tom Jeffery

    Managing Director

    Father & Husband, Karting, Mini Eggs
  • Tom Taylor

    Intern Production Engineer

    Guitar, Dominos, Budweiser